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John and Jen became excited about owning this home on the point primarily because they wanted to rekindle a family tradition lost years ago when John’s grandparents sold their cabin on Pender Island.  Though it was rustic—no running water or electricity—he and his family carved deep memories as they played Yahtzee by the light of a Coleman lantern or cast off the beach for rock cod.  For Jen, her family cabin of seven generations sat in the mountains of California, and though it now belongs to a new family, she fondly remembers the curtains with cowboys on them, the singing around an old piano with almost all its keys remaining, or sitting deep by a roaring fire and telling stories.


The waterfront of what the Stewarts have named GRACE POINT provides the venue for renewed, quality family time where both their baby girl and their extended family would be the beneficiaries of time together.  As they are both high school teachers and coaches, they would also like the beauty of the property to provide inspiration for music, drama, sports, outdoor education, and leadership retreats. 


This is the vision of Grace Point:  if you book a time here whether you are family by blood, by team, by shared experience, or by heart, we hope you will find that indelible memories of resting, playing, and connecting will be yours to share for a lifetime.

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