What is Grace Point?

A place to relax, play and connect!


This all-season destination provides an inviting, all-inclusive home which boasts panoramic views of alluring lake and mesmerizing mountains.  Being on the point allows expansive Sproat Lake to be at your fingertips!  The sun adorns the dock from dawn to dusk, while mature eagles keep their watch from pines above.


Build sand castles or throw rocks off the private beach or look out from the large hot tub or the wide bay windows at how Mt. Aerosmith and the lush forest—including the provincial park which holds ancient native petro glyphs—surround the warm, clear waters which hold whimsical sailboats, water skiers, paddle boarders, canoers, and any water aficionado!


If being graced with bountiful beauty, ready relaxation, or wild water fun is the point, then Grace Point has everything you need to enjoy a hassle-free and memorable vacation—your home away from home.